Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"the sweetness of doing nothing"

i went to this place called "white island" its really perfect...its the moment when i told myself that this is life... no communication, no tv, no radio, no celphone, no internet, no work...but to simply do nothing ❤ i wanna ho back again to this place sooon!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the truth about COFFEE

i wanna share this article i just read about coffee.. this prompted me to reasearch about coffee because for 3 months now ive been drinking a lot of coffee but before, i usually had water or hot choco for breakfast & i usually visit starbucks- two to four times a week just to drink their signatured hot tea (tazo) and have their caffeine free frappucino.

"Nothing like the smell of coffee to start off the day!

With so many studies out there about coffee, it's hard to remember whether our morning cup of coffee does the body any good -- or harm.

On The Early Show Monday, Dr. Holly Phillips of CBS station WCBS-TV in New York went through some commonly-circulated beliefs about the health effects of one of the nation's most popular beverages.


Well, I would have to say, all things in moderation. There do definitely seem to be some health benefits. The more we're learning, research is leaning on the side of it being good for you. It lowers the risk of Parkinson's disease and Type 2 diabetes. It mediates depression. But the benefits are dose-related.


It's better to limit their caffeine intake. They'll get caffeine in other things -- chocolate, sodas, but particularly in kids, it's linked to attention problems and hyperactivity, so it's better to avoid it.


It depends on the dose. We think of coffee as a diuretic. But recent studies have shown it's only a diuretic at high doses -- above 575 milligrams. Have some water if you exceed that amount.


575 milligrams is a little less than three cups of coffee, but that's three regular size cups. But we have to remember the cups we have nowadays are big cups. So, it's easy to have more than 575 milligrams.


Coffee does increase your blood pressure, but only for a few minutes. What's interesting is that recent studies show it doesn't increase your likelihood of getting hypertension. I would caution that anyone who has high blood pressure that's not under control should avoid caffeine.


Unfortunately, this doesn't work. Caffeine does speed up your metabolism for awhile but, in long-term studies, people who drank coffee had no better weight control than people who didn't.


This one is a little controversial. It doesn't make our body lose more calcium or lose calcium from the bones, but some studies have shown coffee drinkers do have more brittle bones. I suggest all of my patients, especially women, supplement with a calcium supplement or, if you're going to have a great deal of coffee, make sure you put some milk in your coffee."

from now on i will drink coffee in moderation around 2 to 3 times a week will do

Monday, January 9, 2012

my new years resolution for 2012

I list down my new years resolution for 2012 & i come up with my top 10 brief & precise guide w/c i could religiously practice this year...its more than 10 but i know i wouldnt enjoy my 2012 if i would be very strict w/ myself so i only chose & cut short it to just 10.

As follows:
1. EAT right or watch the food i eat preferably the healthy ones & rich in fiber, vitamins & minerals ('coz i realized that im not getting any younger already)
2. Drink plenty of H2O
3. Avoid softdrinks
4. Lessen pork/red meat
5. On time on mass & listen attentively to the homily even if others are not. i have to learn the power of concentration on this matter so help me God
6.Sleep early atleast 7 hours a day
7.Exercise more
8.Attend the novena mass every Wednesday or if possible even on Friday at our Office Chapel
9.Lessen but not eliminate our travel & leisure habits. About less than 5 travels this year; i'll start SAVING this year.
10.Lessen Tardiness in going to work

hope to follow this & you will be my witness. if i couldnt follow some of them as early as now im apologizing, im just an ordinary human that commit mistakes but i promise to follow them (best effort) coz its for my benefit & my improvement not for any else's sake.

Wish me luck this 2012. i only have 1 wish this year: Good Health to every members of the family specially meeh!

happy new year to all! how about you? do u have same new years resolutions like me?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Boracay Adventures (part1)

It was fun going here. Our family's year was not complete without us going to Boracay. My 4 y/o daughter, MJ loves to play in the sand even under the heat of the sun combined with  cool breeze of green sea & relaxing blue skies... Everytime i am here, I really felt super recharged & relaxed and ready to go back to the busy & stressful life in Manila.

Wish i would have my own vacation house in boracay (only in my dreams hahaha). Why not? who knows I might won on a lottery or sweepstakes.

My first time in Boracay was last December 2006. Here are some of our pictures & you could see that it is still the same Boracay Island up until now except that there were new resorts/hotels that were being built & opened each and every year. Watersports & travel spots were being developed & opened so tourists won’t have no reasons of being bored and not to come back & try out & explore new water activities & visit new places when they are here.

Boracay 2006 

  The Caticlan port 5 years ago
We checked in at Patio Paficic Station 1 (Suite Room).
Staffs were nice & very accomodating. Rooms were super clean & new

That time, i still have long hair with braces hehehe

This was the first I stepped my feet on boracay sand & was amazed by the beauty of the Island

                                      first time to see a sand castle & witnessed a fire dancing
Christmas is just around the corner so there were lots of Christmas decorations & lights everywhere

first time to visit Crystal land and have buffet lunch

My fisrt night life at Boracay. We had dinner & have some drinks while telling different stories/topics under the moonlight and with some live acoustics as our background. We then tranferred to another bar called Hobbit House

We even tried the wall climbing and took picture at the sand castle

and ofcourse our vacation wont be complete w/o having a hilot massage at the sea shore

During our last night in Boracay, we had a romantic candle light dinner which was a gift from our dear friend

our last day in Boracay, i knew this won't be our last.....

Then I got pregnant in 2007 thus we went back in 2008

Boracay 2008

first time to ride a "Paraw" (it's a vinta w/o engine & earth friendly, uses air not gasoline to sail) during sunset.
during sunset. Super fun & romantic at the same time

We stayed at Patio Pacific and it's Christmas time once again.  

First to visit Fairways and Bluewater (the only resort in Boracay that has golf course)

night life and sand bar with fire dancing

We had a candle light dinner on our last night at Patio Pacific

our last day in boracay

last glimpse before leaving the island...

Boracay 2009 this time we're already 3 (with our little mj)

 at NAIA Terminal 3, It was mj's first time to ride a plane, so hubby & I were a bit nervous
 inside the plane, we decided to buy a toy so that mj wont' cry & get bored during the entire flight.

 the new starbucks boracay was already open for brewing

 since it was her first time in Boracay, i bought her shades & sun dress

 mj was crying because she wants to swim without taking her breakfast, she was too excited to swim